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VoxMir (Max/MSP)

Ryan Baldwin - Technical Sound Designer & Audio Engineer - VoxMir (Max/MSP)

VoxMir is an audio processing application made with Max/MSP

Sound is manipulated in realtime by using the analog sticks of a PlayStation controller to change the parameters of various signal processing effects (low pass filter, pitch shift, delay, pan).

Any sound can be fed into a microphone and then modified in an intuitive and unique way with the controller.

The “hi” object is used to interface with the PlayStation controller, which has the values of the X/Y coordinates of its joysticks scaled to control the inputs of the signal processing objects. Audio input/output is handled with ezadc~ and ezdac~. The audio signal is run from the mic, through a lores~ filter (LPF), along with tapin~ and tapout~ for delay effects. There is logarithmic panning, and pfft~ is used in conjunction with the gizmo~ abstraction for real time pitch shifting.


  • Max 6 or higher
  • PlayStation 3 controller (paired with computer via USB or Bluetooth)
  • Microphone (built-in or external)
  • Headphones (highly recommended to prevent a feedback loop)